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Operation of (heating mantle cintex cic 1)

2.1 Switch on the heating by the mains switch. 2.2 There are one control knob on the heating mantle. 2.3 Control knob is for controlling the rate of temperature rising. 2.4 Switch of the heating mantle after usage and after coming to room temperature. 2.5 Don’t place any flammable liquids or solids directly in beakers on heating mantle.

Standard Operating Procedure

3. The heat pump must be installed on a solid, level mounting pad that will not settle or shift. Separate the pad from the building structure to avoid possible transmission of sound or vibration from the heat pump into the residence. 4. The heat pump foundation should be raised 3 in. or more above finish grade. In areas with prolonged

SOP for Laboratory Safety : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

5.7.1 Use a water bath, steam bath or electric heating mantle when using large amounts of flammable solvents. Isolate such experiments. Ensure that adequate fire extinguishers are available in the Laboratory. 5.7.2 Get to know the position of the main laboratory controls for electricity, gas and water see that they are not in anyway obstructed.

BET Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

6. Put the cell into a heating mantle (pinch mantle to open the mouth) using a clamp to secure cell into mantle. 7. Attach the cell and mantle to the sample preparation station (There are two ...

Standard Operating Procedures - HomeSpec

61-30.807 Plumbing System. (1) The inspector shall inspect: (a) The interior water supply piping and distribution systems including all fixtures, faucets, and components. (b) The drain, waste and vent systems, including all plumbing fixtures. (c) The water heating equipment. (d) The vent systems, flues, and chimneys.

SOP on Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) - Pharmaceutical ...

Apr 09, 2016 Also add glass beads to avoid bumping and for constant heating. Place the distillation flask on the heating mantle and connect it to the condenser through a connector tightly. Place the receiving vessel near the tip of the condenser. Check the water connections and start it. Set the temperature of the heating mantle and start the heating.

SOP 13 - Ohio State University

Aug 21, 1995 Heating with dry oxygen or a dry inert gas at a flow rate of about 3 SCFH (standard cubic feet / hr) is continued for at least 4 to 5 hours. VII.4. Cooling Flask Down to Room Temperature in Heating Mantle. At the end of the heating period, the variac is turned off (or when possible, gradually turned down from 50 to 0 over about an hour).

Standard Operating Procedures for Dry Stills

Begin to slowly heat. Bring the temperature to 300C. Do not exceed 325C for activation. Maintain this temperature for 6 hours. 4. Turn off the variac. Open the heat mantle sleeve to let the column cool. 5. Once cooled keep the column closed while under a nitrogen atmosphere. a. To do this, attach the valve at the end of the column.

Mini Pressure Reactor Standard Operating Procedure

Check that the stirrer is on, and set the reaction temperature, high temperature shutdown (25 C above reaction temperature), and heating mantle overtemperature (100 C above reaction temperature). Slide the heating mantle onto the reactor vessel and tighten the screw clamp. Flip the heater switch on the front of the control tower to begin ...

Procedures - University of California Davis

Each still consists of a heating mantle, heating mantle controller, 2 litre round bottom flask (24/40 female joint), still head, condenser, and nitrogen/argon adapter. ... Refer to the glove box reference manual for proper operating procedure. ... However, standard size argon gas cylinders contain only 330 cu. ft. or less of gas while room 203 ...

Naira price for Electrothermal Heating Mantle Archives ...


SOP: Corrosives PennEHRS

Feb 03, 2022 Facility Requirements General Ventilation. Corrosive chemicals may not be handled or stored in a room or facility with recirculating exhaust. Chemical Fume Hood. All work with corrosive chemicals in open or closed systems must be done in a designated area of a laboratory inside of a properly functioning chemical fume hood.. Emergency Irrigation. …

Heating Mantle Sop Pdf

Heating Bath SOP 2013 1 Standard Operating Procedure Heat Sources and Heating Baths 1. Procedure/Hazardous Material: Includes, but not limited to ovens, hot plates, heating mantles and tapes, oil baths, salt baths, sand baths, hot-air guns, and microwave ovens. 2. Department: Campus wide 3. Revision Date: February 2013 4. Special Notifications:

Standard Operating Procedures Archives - Space-Tech ...

Hence, the required standard operating procedures for sachet water production and packaging factories are the different step-by-step procedures carried out in key operations in the course of producing quality sachet water in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP), and in compliance with regulatory standards.

Fact Sheet: Heating Reactions PennEHRS

Jun 01, 2021 142-500. Sand. NA. 25-500+. Most oil baths are good for heating reactions 200 oC as they provide a more even distribution of heat and are easier to regulate. For reactions requiring higher temperatures, heating mantles and sand or salt baths must be used. Heating mantle apparatuses are controlled using a variable voltage regulator (Variac ...

Standard Operating Procedure - NSF

May 03, 2017 Standard Operating Procedure Updated: May 3, 2017 Page 3 of 18 a. There are two (2) sources of heating the MSF: 1. Latent waste heat from the UPS and Researcher instrumentation that includes computers, chillers, laser heads, heat exchangers, fans, compressors, etc. as part of their data collection suite. Other than encouraging Researcher and

Safe Operating Procedure

Safe Operating Procedure (10/15) ASBESTOS FACTS _____ Scope . This SOP is intended to provide general awareness information to the campus community on ... thermal gloves, fire clothing, heating mantles, ovens, and electric motors. Height of production and use occurred from the 1940s through the 1970s. Use of asbestos in

Safe Operating Procedure

Safe Operating Procedure (Created 5/15) UNL Environmental Health and Safety (402) 472-4925 Safe Operating Procedure (10/15) ASBESTOS FACTS Scope This SOP is intended to provide general awareness information to the campus community on the presence and hazards of asbestos-containing materials. What is asbestos?

SOP 15 - Ohio State University

SOP 15. Standard Operating Procedure for Distillation of Organic Solvents . I. ... the temperature and temperature control of the heating mantle and contents (burn and fire hazards), chemical toxicity and reactivity of the solvents and sodium reducing agent, clean- up and disposal of still pot residue, solvent storage, and required PPE. ...

Standard Operation Procedure - BR 9200 Spinning Band ...

spill anything on the heating mantle. These can cause heating mantle failure. Warning!! Do not overtighten the lab jack as this may damage the distillation column. Verify that the receivers in the fraction collector are in place and are empty. Verify that the fraction collector is assembled and connected to the ...

SOP 15 - McMaster University

Standard Operating Procedure for Distillation of Organic Solvents . Introduction: Purification and recovery of organic solvents by distillation is a common laboratory operation. ... If using a heating mantle and variac controller, make sure all of the wiring is sound to avoid electrical shock hazards and ignition sources. All solvents should be ...


STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES SOP No. 24.01.01.W1.22AR Chemical Safety Procedure Approved: August 15, 2010 ... Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200), the Texas Hazard Communication Act, and ... Use a water bath, oil bath, heating mantle, hot air bath, etc. Use ground straps when transferring flammable chemicals between …

Electrical Equipment Safety Procedures

stirrer/heater, heat gun, heating mantle, etc ... • Always follow the example of the Standard Operating Procedure (Appendix 4) applicable to electrical work • Notifying the Office of Facilities Management, Senior Technical Officer Electrical, and / or OFM


the heating zone (area inside mantle where heating element is located). This is 450 degrees C. Some mantles have more than one heating zone. The power input to each zone should be controlled with a suitable control device. If liquid level drops in the vessel, the upper heating zone should be operated at reduced power or turned off.

Standard Operating Procedure

the SDS, container or a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). ... weekends with toxic or hazardous chemicals unless the procedure is a standard practice and poses no exceptional risks. NOTE: Principal Investigators (PIs), Laboratory Supervisors or Instructors must review and ... heating mantles and water condensers.

Standard Operating Procedure - Yale University

This standard operating procedure (SOP) is intended to provide general guidance on how to safely work with flammable liquids. ... • Never heat flammable liquids by using an open flame. Use steam baths, water baths, oils baths, heating mantles or hot air baths. • If flammable liquids must be heated in an oven, make sure the oven is ...

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