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300 Gallon APV Jacketed Vacuum Processor / Kettle with ...

***SOLD*** used 300 Gallon APV Jacketed Vacuum Processor / Kettle with Sweep Mixer Scrape surface agitation. Shell is 316L Stainless Steel Rated 40 PSI/Full Vacuum @ 350 Deg.F.. Jacket Rated 105 PSI @ 350 Deg.F.. National Board NO. 9819, 57 in. dia. x 36 in. straight side, 15 in. cone bottom, dome top, top agitation, 3 HP Explosion Proof (XP) motor, full sweep, stationary …

Esco Labor Model EL3 3 Liter Capacity Stainless Steel ...

***SOLD*** used Esco Labor Model EL3, 3 Liter Capacity Stainless Steel Dual Agitated Vacuum Laboratory Mixer/kettle. 3 liter working capacity, 4 liter total capacity. Mixing vessel is approx. 6.5 dia. x 7 deep. With (1) 2-blade scraper blade agitator and (1) high speed blade. Rated vacuum internal. Electrically heated Jacketed mixing vessel.

Plant oil vacuum distillation equipment

2 sight glass at top, with insulated ball valve. Material charging. Gear pump. Flow 3L ~ 15L/H. 200W motor, electronic speed regulation. Evaporator. Evaporation area 0.1 ㎡ Film forming way: scraper (roller is optional) Material : 316L

Demystifying Valve Gas Chromatography - Agilent

4-Port Rotary Valve 6-Port Rotary Valve 10-Port Rotary Valve 3-way Solenoid Valve The valve drawings above represent how valves are normally depicted on a plumbing diagram. The numbered dots on the valves indicate a port; a location where tubing or columns are connected). The lines connecting the

Rotary Evaporator

5.3 Gallon (20L)Rotary Evaporator With Motorized Lift and Long Condenser $3,688.00 $4,688.00 Automatic lifting 50l Rotary Evaporator Three Phase 220/60Hz $6,701.30 $7,501.30 13.2-Gallon/50L WTRE-50 Rotary Evaporator Turnkey Setup $10,833.00 $11,133.00 50L Rotary Evaporator with Dual Condensers Turnkey Setup $11,933.00

Rotary Evaporator

50L Rotary Evaporator with Dual Condensers Turnkey Setup . $11,933.00 + FREE SHIPPING . Out of stock ... Details of Rotary Evaporator R1005: ... Three-way valve: 1 pc: 3: PTFE feeding port with PTFE open/colse valve: 1 pc: 4: Rotary glass axis: 1 pc: Details 4th:

Belimo Characterized Control Valves

6-Way Dual Temp Systems. Cv-Piping Reduction Factor (Fp) Correction Factor ... 6-Way CCV 21 The 6-way CCV is a rotary valve similar to a CCV but with 2 control sequences. Sequence operating ranges ... Terminal Unit (4 pipe), (1) 6-way Valves and 1 Coils Pro Optimize exchanger (1 coil for heating and cooling)

ROTARY VALVES - Donaldson Company

A rotary valve is one middleman it doesn’t pay to eliminate. A Donaldson Torit rotary valve reduces downtime and labor by taking dust disposal out of employees’ hands. And all Donaldson Torit rotary valves are designed with a precise seal that keeps air out of the hopper and safeguards the performance of the collector.

Pneumatic Symbols - Norgren

Air tank Actuator, combined linear - rotary AND valve Actuator, rotary Auto drain valve Cylinder, clamping Booster regulator Cylinder, double acting ... dual piston Lubricator Cylinder, rodless Membrane air dryer Cylinder, single acting, spring extend ... tappet Globe valve, 3-way 5/2- way valve, pilot operated Needle valve, 2-way 5/3- way ...

Valves barksdale

Barksdale's High Pressure 4140 Series 4-way valves provide superior control for fluids and gasses up to 15,000 psi (1,035 bar) in the toughest industrial applications. ... Barksdale's patented Series II valve provides an optimal solution by combining the dependable features of our heavy duty Shear-Seal valves with the reliability of a rack ...

Cora Rotary Valve -

Cora Rotary Valve Brochure. Contact our Valve Specialist Team: Brendan Merrigan (External) – Mob: 087 2598124. Internal Team. Vicki McGrath – Tel: 021 461 7207. Brian Barry – Tel: 021 461 7211. Tim Quigley – Tel: 021 461 7209. Ross O’Donovan – Tel: 021 461 7230. Shauna O’Connor – Tel: 021 461 7237.

Solar air conditioning system - Muscatell Ralph

Dual source heat pump: 1982-06-29: Ecker et al. 62/82: 4270359: Solar heating system: 1981-06-02: Hummel: 62/235.1: 4064705: ... an expansion valve at the inlet of the evaporator; a second one-way rotary valve in communication with said evaporator; a balancing valve having a first inlet in communication with the second one-way valve, a second ...


EQUIPMENT - window types, split type, package type, reach in/walk in chiller/freezer COMPRESSOR - piston, rotary, scroll, semi sealed, open type MOTOR - induction, evaporator, condenser SPARE PARTS - crankshaft, piston, connecting rod, cylinder liner, valve plate/reeds, gasket and shaft seal CONTROLS - dual pressure, oil failure switch, temperature control, …

Molecular Distillation Equipment

Evaporator. Evaporation area 0.06 ㎡ Film forming way: scraper (roller is optional) Material : 316L. Mechanical seal (Magnetic seal is optional) Film forming motor : 200W motor, electronic speed regulation. Cold trap. 1. 0.2 ㎡ chiller cooling cold trap. 2. 1L liquid nitrogen cold trap. 3. Dual-purpose ( chiller liquid nitrogen cold ...

Falling Film Evaporators Minimum Wetting Rate

Falling Film Evaporators - USIPL Falling film evaporator is suitable for high viscous liquids because the flow of vapour film assisted by gravity. ... Better Evaporation Rate. Complete wetting of Tubes. Minimum ∆T i.e. 6 - 7C. DESIGN FEATURES: Wetting Rate 16 - 18 l/cm/h. Evaporation Rate 28 - 30 kg/m/h. Proper Juice Distribution in each tube.

Rotary Evaporator Overview - Lab Instrument Manufacturer

Features: 2L Rotary Evaporator ,Standard :2L Rotary Flask, 1L Collection bottle, Bath Temperature Range: 0-99℃. Easy to Detach And Clean, Better Sealing Quality. 110V / 60Hz, North American plug, bottle rotation speed: 0-120rpm, can …

Rotary Magnets - GEA Colby - PDF Catalogs Technical ...

Founded in 1881, the company is one of the largest providers of nnovative equipment and i p rocess technology. GEA Group is listed in the STOXX Europe 600 Index. 12-18 Foreman Road, PO Box 10266, Te Rapa, Hamilton 3241, New Zealand Tel: +64 7 849 3414, Fax: +64 7 849 3494 [email protected] 20 Fairfax Avenue, PO Box 12-264, Penrose ...

Dual evaporator refrigeration unit and thermal energy ...

Jan 06, 2000 Dual evaporator refrigeration unit and thermal energy storage unit therefore United States Patent 6370908 Abstract: A low-cost and thermodynamically efficient implementation of a two-stage refrigeration system applied to a retail refrigerator. The invention includes a simple and easily manufactured thermally efficient and low-cost evaporation unit.

Multi-Port Ball Valves 4-Way and 5-Way

Multi-Port Ball Valves – M-Series 1: Three, four, or five-way multi-port ball valve. Body, ball, stem, and end fitting material shall be (Bronze or Ductile Iron). Valve shall have 4 or 5 RTFE Seats and seals and provide a bubble-tight seal and be adjustable for in-line wear. Stem packing shall be live loaded RTFE material.

Dual evaporator refrigeration unit and thermal energy ...

One embodiment of first valve 220 features an electromagnetic selector valve such as a rotary face seal valve as shown in FIG. 3. This valve includes a housing and rotary actuator 300, a rotary valve element 310 and a stationary base plate 320 supporting a single inlet 330 and one or more outlets 340 1-340 n (n is a positive whole number ...

Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet - Derbyshire Refrigeration

Product details:- Price is for One magnet (picture shows 2 for reference only) Supplied with protective cas e Pocket sized and easy to use Permanent magnet moulded in ABS plastic Converts electrically operated solenoid valves into hand operated valves in seconds The quickest and easiest way of manually operating solenoid valves

Zhengzhou Greatwall Manufactured Pilot Scale 20L 50L ...

Quality Rotary Evaporator suppliers provide Zhengzhou Greatwall Manufactured Pilot Scale 20L 50L Explosion-Proof Rotary Evaporator -Zhengzhou Greatwall Scientific Industrial and Trade Co.,Ltd from China.


Racor 75500Max30 Max-Dual Ff/Ws Rotary Valve. Be the first to review this product . RACOR 75500MAX30 MAX-DUAL FF/WS, ROTARY VALVE. $1,049.88. Available. SKU. RAC-75500MAX30. Qty. ... this way, you can keep running while draining contaminants from the collection bowl or while changing filter elements. For double manifolds models order 75 series.

Rotary Control Valves -Valves - Baker Hughes Valves

Rotary Control Valves. Baker Hughes Oil Gas offers rotary control valves known throughout the world for their quality and durability. More than 1 million rotary valves have been successfully installed in a variety of process industries and applications. Today rotary valves continues to offer dependability, and a unique combination of high ...

Molecular distillation price

Rotary Evaporator. Jacketed reactor. Centrifuge extractor. Supercritical co2 extractor. ... ( Note: MDS-20CE with dual external cold trap design, for high extraction efficient ). Model. MDS-20C molecular distill ation price. Material tank. 30L jacketed tank. 2 sight glass at top, with insulated ball valve. Material charging. Gear pump.

USA Lab Dual-Jacketed 100L 316L-Grade Stainless Steel ...

ROTARY EVAPORATORS . UL Certification ; 2L ; 5L . RE-501 ; RE-1005 ; 10L ; 20L ; 50L ; ... USA Lab Dual-Jacketed 100L 316L-Grade Stainless Steel Reactor. Brand : USA Lab $18,999.00. Current Stock: ... The TRU series is our way of bringing back quality, reliability, and accurate systems back to the ma

Standard PID Symbols Legend Industry ... - Edrawsoft

Rotary Meter Diaphragm Meter Magnetic Pitot Tube Type Flow Wedge Meter Target Meter Weir Meter Ultrasonic Meter V-cone Meter ... 3-Way Valve 2 3-Way Valve 3-Way Plug Valve 4-way Plug Valve 4-way Valve Ram Valve Electro-Hydraulic ... Evaporator Vent Air-blown Cooler Induced Flow Air Cooler Hairpin Exchanger Dryer Fluidized Bed

Experimental results for a novel rotary active magnetic ...

Sep 01, 2012 Highlights A rotary regenerator active magnetic regenerator refrigerator with operating frequencies up to 8 Hz is for the first time presented. A maximum no-load temperature of 25.4 K is reported, and a maximum cooling power over 1000 W when operating near zero span was measured. The device produces 100 W cooling at a temperature span of 20.5 K. The …

High Speed Rotary Valve Products Suppliers ...

Solids Feeders - Rotary Valves: Metering with Airlock -- BT Series. Supplier: ACS Valves. Description: performance in high -temperature applications up to 250F. Options: 304 or 316 cast stainless steel valve housing. No. 4 finish on all rotor surfaces. Interior coating: hard chrome. Adjustable rotor tips.

DG Quick-Clean rotary valve - TBMA

TBMA DG Quick-Clean drop-through and blow-through rotary valves are specially designed for processes where frequent cleaning and inspection are required. The self-seeking spline shaft allows quick and easy remounting of the rotor after cleaning. Thanks to the clearance-free suspension and fixed adjustment, damage to the rotor tips and/or inside ...

Rotary airlock valve - Drop through Palamatic Process

Technical specification. 4 models : 150, 200, 250, 300. The drop through rotary airlock valves are designed to feed and discharge in a controlled way powders and bulk materials coming from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying installations, bag filters houses, cyclones. This rotary airlock valve is suitable when a high throughput is ...

Valve Inserters and Sorters

Terco Model 2 dual-head valve inserter with 32 non-magnetic valve sorter. Includes two-head setter detector. Current mounting on 3-1/2 centers. ...

YCWS Water Cooled Liquid Chiller - Johnson Controls

The dual-circuit evaporator will be the direct-expansion type, with refrigerant in the tubes and chilled liquid flowing through the baffled shell. The design working pressure of the shell (liquid) side will be 10.3 bar (150 PSIG), and 26.7 bar (300 PSIG) for the tube (refrigerant) side. The evaporator will be constructed and tested in accor-

USA Lab Farmer-200 System - 200lbs Processing Per 8 Hour

The Farmer-200 takes 7-18 gallons of alcohol per batch and 10-20lbs of biomass per batch for approximately 200lbs of dry material per 8 hour shift with a single operator. Ethanol is loaded into the initial solvent tank via a diaphragm pump. The ethanol is then pumped through the centrifuge where an agitation cycle begins.

USA Lab UL Rotary Evaporator Flask Carrier (20L 50L ...

The Flask Carrier allows for a secure hold and a more efficient way to transport your boiling flask. ... USA Lab UL 50L Dual Rotary Evaporator Rotovap USA-RE50D-UL 85C 220-240V 20A. Our USA Lab ETL Rotary evaporators are a top of the line product compared to others ... Our USA Lab ETL Rotary evaporators are a top of the line product compared ...

Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet - Derbyshire Refrigeration

The quickest and easiest way of manually operating solenoid valves. Safe design that fits all makes of solenoid valve. Saves service engineers time. The ideal addition to the professional engineers toolkit. 17.94 inc. VAT. Size (mm) Choose an option 10mm 15mm 18mm. Clear. Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet quantity.

Used Industrial Rotary Valves - D.H. Griffin Used Equipment

These used industrial rotary valves from D.H. Griffin Used Equipment combine value and performance. View it on our website here. ... Separator Magnetic; New Arrivals; Contact Us; ... Electrical / Mechanical / Utilities; Valves; Rotary; Rotary. Search results for: Used MAC 8 stainless steel rotary air-lock AWIL0515-0122. Get a Quote View ...

Products in Evaporators on Thomas Scientific

Thomas Nos. 1203C84 and 1203C87 The newly developed product line from IKA in ergonomic, compact design with innovative functions to improve operating results. Rotary evaporators with integrated heating bath HB 10 basic (3 litre) incl. dry ice condenser. Heating bath with adjustable…. Related Products: Evaporator.

5 mm NMR Tip-Off Manifold - SP-WilmadLabGlass

Tip-Off Manifold for Constricted Tube. The Wilmad-LabGlass tip-off manifold connects to an NMR tube by a threaded aluminum bushing which is isolated from the vacuum by a PTFE high-vacuum rotary valve with Viton O-rings. Rotating the valve will open and close the tube to the vacuum line. The manifold port is highly resistant to chemicals.

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