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SpeedDry Vacuum Concentrators - DKSH

a freeze dryer system. Product features • As RVC 2-33 CDplus Additional features • Four infrared lamps accelerate samples evaporation by a factor of 2 to 3 • Product temperature measurement • High-performance vacuum pumps with end vacuum under 0.1 mbar enable two-stage operation with concentration followed by freeze drying:

Production Freeze Dryers - Martin Christ - PDF Catalogs ...

advantages of the martin christ epsilon ds freeze dryers: • customised, and space-saving due to compact frame design • process specific system configurations such as door designs with door-in-door variants, or slot door and separate inspection door • automation with siemens s7 and user-friendly process visualisation lpcplus • safe operation than …

Pilot Freeze Dryers Smart Processes - Martin Christ - PDF ...

Best equipment for RD and small production Pilot freeze dryers from Martin Christ are ideal for RD or small production systems for new products. All three models are suitable for the freeze drying of solids or liquids in a wide variation of containers, including ampoules, vials, glass flasks, plasma bottles, dishes, etc.

Beta 1-8 LSCplus

CHRIST freeze-dryers have been solely designed for the freeze-drying of solid or liquid products in ampoules, vials or dishes. They are, therefore, solely intended for these applications. The freeze-dryer is suitable • for freeze-drying materials such as bacteria and virus cultures, blood plasma, serum fractions, antibodies, sera, vaccines, and

Freeze Drying Systems - Martin Christ - PDF Catalogs ...

Compact freeze drying systems Epsilon Z – the pharmaceutical series for production facilities Epsilon Z – the new standard The Epsilon Z product series includes freeze dryers that have been specially designed for cGMP production of pharmaceutical products. They cover production sizes from 1 to 22 m and vials from 2R up to 50H.

2019 PDA EUROPE TRAINING Freeze Drying in Practice

Dec 06, 2018 8:30 Transfer from the recommended hotels to Martin Christ facility 9:00 Recapitulation of Key Learnings from Day 2 9:10 PRACTICE 6 - TOUR OF THE PRODUCTION ROOMS OF MARTIN CHRIST [Coffee Break included] ꞏ Introduction to the different size classes of freeze dryers ꞏ Introduction to the functional modules of the freeze dryer

Production Freeze Dryers - Freeze Dryers Lyophilizers

dryer Selecting the Right Freeze Dryer and Designer /Manufacturer Can Be Hard. Selecting a production lyophilizer vendor can be a difficult task for the person new to freeze drying and to the seasoned professional. We recognize that choosing the right freeze dryer is often pivotal to the production of great product and to long term company SUCCESS

Pharma Line Freeze Drying Systems - Martin Christ

Epsilon Z freeze dryer series featuring the dual-chamber principle, developed by us. The big integrated intermediate valve separates the two parts: product chamber and ice condenser. The large opening provides ideal flow conditions for water vapour. The dual-chamber system is especially beneficial for automated and validated CIP.

CHRIST Freeze Dryer up to 4 kg / LSCbasic LSCplus ...

Freeze Dryer ALPHA 1-4 LSCplus. Ice condenser capacity: 4 kg. Ice condenser performance: 4 kg/24 h. Ice condenser temperature: –55 C. Dimensions of base model (W x H x D): 390 x 415 x 555 mm. Weight: 48 kg. Communication port: Ethernet. Special Features. Vacuum control.

Liofilizator -

Freeze dryer Beta 1-8K, Martin Christ Freeze drying is the process by which water is removed from a frozen material by sublimation. It is used for drying delicate, heat-sensitive materials of high value or to achieve a porous structure. Features:-ice condenser temperature: -54C -ice condenser performance: max. 6kg/24h

Accessories Catalogue

freeze dryers and continuous freeze dryers. Batch freeze dryers are available with capacities from 2 kg to approximately 1 tonne per batch. Christ specialises in this product category and is the only manufacturer worldwide offering products that cover the full spectrum from standard laboratory units to pilot freeze dryers and large production ...

Pilot freeze drying systems Innovative technology

Freeze drying monitoring and analysis are easy and uncomplicated with this technology from Martin Christ. • High-end full HD industrial camera • Cold-light LED lamps to avoid energy input • Fully integrated in LPCplus process visualisation • Smart image storage with frame rate linked to specific process results

Pilot freeze-drying systems Innovative technology

Freeze-dryers from Martin Christ are high-performance universal units for freeze-drying solid or liquid product in a wide variety of vials, trays, and other containers. Our single and double-chamber sys- tems provide numerous application possibilities: • Freeze-drying of products using defined time, temperature, and pressure profiles.

Operating Manual Freeze-dryer ALPHA 1-4 LDplus

Freeze-drying means: Extraction of water from frozen material. The drying process takes place by avoiding the liquid state through sublimation, i. e. direct conversion from ice to vapour. This happens under vacuum and the temperature in the product is normally less than -10C.

Elementar Americas and Martin Christ Freeze Dryers to ...

Jul 13, 2020 PDF VERSION. The pilot scale freeze dryer Epsilon 2-6D LSCplus from Martin Christ, which, along with other freeze dryers from the company, is part of the cooperation between Martin Christ and Elementar. Martin Christ. RONKONKOMA, NEW YORK — July 10th, 2020 — Elementar, a technology leader in elemental analysis, isotope ratio mass ...

Freeze dryer Christ Alpha 1-4LSCplus w. LyoCube A Buch ...

LyoCube, A. Item No. 2801551. Martin Christ Alpha 1-4 LSCplus. Freeze dryer ready to use, including frontloaded acrylic chamber with 5 heatable shelfs. The system is complete and includes vacuum pump, hose, fittings and vacuum sensor. Many other configurations are available. Contact us for further information. Pack: 1 each.

ALPHA 1-4 LD-2 ALPHA 2-4 LD-2 englisch

MARTIN CHRIST Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH An der unteren S se 50, D-37520 Osterode Tel. (05522) 5007-25, Telefax (05522) 5007-12 Operating Manual Freeze Dryer ALPHA 1-4 LD-2 / 2-4 LD-2, Version 0203, Page 3 Preface Dear customer, Congratulations on purchasing a CHRIST freeze dryer.

Martin Christ Freeze-dryer structure

Martin Christ | Freeze-dryer structure. Vacuum pump for evacuating air from the drying chamber (gas pump) and regulating the drying vacuum with a pressure control valve. Ice condenser with temperatures from –55 C to –105 C (depending on the type of system) for resublimating the water vapor from the drying chamber (Vapor pump) Extensive ...

Freeze Dryer Life Sciences Freeze Dryer Millrock ...

Millrock's freeze dryers / lyophilizers for the life sciences have been developed with over 50 years of experience in the freeze drying world. Our designs provide a highly reliable platform for your needs. Advanced system options include FreezeBooster Controlled Nucleation, Auto-Dry™ Protocol Optimizat ion, AccuFlux Heat Flow Measurement and LyoPAT In-Process, …

Freeze Drying Fundamentals New Technologies and ...

Nov 07, 2019 • Overview of Freeze Drying process • Subsystems which make up a Freeze dryer: – Product Chamber – Condenser – Heat Transfer System – Refrigeration System – Vacuum System • New/Advanced Technologies: – PAT tools – Mass Spec – Computational Fluid Dynamics – Lyo 4.0 and Data Analytics – Wireless Temperature sensors

Freeze Dryer Instructions - Bowdoin College

Nov 14, 2017 Pull the collector chamber drain hose out from the left hand side of the Freeze Dryer and remove the drain plug. Place the drain hose in a suitable container to collect the condensate that will melt off the collector coil. There is a white bucket labeled “Freeze Dryer Drain Water” on the shelf above the freeze dryer. Please use this bucket.

Alpha 1-4 LDplus -

operation of the freeze-dryer. This operating manual, and in particular the notes on safety and hazards, must be observed by all persons operating the unit. In addition, the local rules and regulations for the prevention of accidents must be complied with. 1.2 Intended use CHRIST freeze-dryers have been solely designed for the freeze-drying of

Laboratory Freeze Dryers Routine Applications

Our freeze dryers are suitable for a wide range of potential applications: • Retaining product characteristics of initial substances (e.g., pharmaceutical products, milk) • Maintaining initial shapes (e.g., taxidermy, archaeological finds, flowers) • Conditioning the material (e.g., freeze dried fruits in yogurt) • Chemical analysis

Pilot Freeze Dryers Smart Processes - SciQuip

Pilot freeze dryers from Martin Christ are ideal for RD or small production systems for new products. All three models are suitable for the freeze drying of solids or liquids in a wide variation of containers, including ampoules, vials, glass flasks, plasma bottles, dishes, etc. The units share a …

Operating Manual Freeze Dryer ALPHA 1-2 LDplus

Plusis a universally usable CHRIST freeze dryer for laboratories, RD departments and scientific institutes. Our well proven range of accessories allows application- oriented configuration of the equipment for almost all types of drying processes in round bottom flasks, dishes, ampoules, injection bottles, etc.

Laboratory Freeze Dryers Routine Applications - Martin ...

Selection criteria Graduated condenser temperatures and drying capacities The laboratory freeze dryers in the LDplus series are available in various sizes and with a wide range of accessories to match individual applications. ... Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH An der Unteren Sse 50 37520 Osterode am Harz [email protected] www ...

Laboratory and Pilot Freeze Dryers Advanced Processes

The comprehensive product range of freeze dryers and vacuum concentrators for every application Freeze dryers for industrial production Freeze dryers for routine laboratory use Rotational vacuum concentrators, available in 4 sizes, covering the gamut from solving routine laboratory problems to the evaporation in high-end pharmaceutical research

Using of organic solvents in freeze dryers - Martin Christ

The freeze dryer is designed to be chemically resistant to most compounds that are commonly used in freeze drying processes. However, by necessity, the freeze dryer is comprised of several different materials, some of which may be attacked and …

Design Construction and Testing Of a Freeze Dryer for ...

The freeze dryer was design to meet the requirements for drying tomato, pepper and okra. Based on the material layer thickness in a tray and bulk density of the fresh produce, the tray area was determined. The freeze dryer has two chambers; the freezer/drying chamber and the vacuum chamber. The specifications of the freeze dryer and trays are ...

Epsilon 1-4 LSCplus - Elementar

the freeze-dryer is equipped with the corresponding features: • Operating instructions of the CHRIST SCADA software LPCplus (instructions for the operation of the freeze-dryer by way of a SCADA system) → 1.3 Intended use The freeze-dryer has been exclusively designed for the freeze-drying of solid or liquid products in ampoules, vials or ...

Laboratory Freeze Dryers Advanced Applications

The laboratory freeze dryers in the LSCplus series are available in . several sizes with a wide range of accessories to match individual applications. Product designation format Alpha 1-4 . LSCplus Laboratory freeze dryer systems are also available with two different . ... Martin Christ:

Laboratory Freeze Dryers Routine Processes

The Martin Christ freeze-drying systems are successfully used worldwide. An international network of representatives exists to provide assistance and service. Specialists directly from our company are available within Germany for assistance. Our hotline is always accessible, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Freeze Drying Systems for Pharmaceutical ... - Martin Christ

The steam-sterilizable freeze dryers from Martin Christ have fully automatic filter testing already integrated in the unit controller. Generation of the test water – to check the integrity of the filter membrane – is carried out using the existing sterile steam for the SIP method.

Operating Manual Freeze Dryer ALPHA 1-2 LDplus

We can now offer you a freeze dryer combining functionality and convention utilisation. We thank you for your confidence and wish you a successful application of your freeze dryer. Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH An der Unteren Sse 50, 37520 Osterode (Germany) Phone +49 (0) 5522 / 5007-0, Fax +49 (0) 5522 / 5007-12

How to install and use the freeze dryer Christ Alpha 2-4 ...

When I start the process, the system reaches certain vacuum level (60 Pa or 0.6 mbar), hold it for couple of minutes and then it starts to rise for about 30 minutes until it reaches value of about ...

PDA Europe Freeze Drying in Practice

• Explanation of the step-by-step production process for freeze dryers 17:45 PRACTICE 6 - A GLANCE AT FREEZE DRYERS • Discussion of the current status of the process • What is evident/what is not yet evident 18:15 Transfer from Martin Christ facility to the recommended hotels Wednesday, 25 April 2018

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